Health Insurance

Greatest concern...Greatest opportunity!

In today’s ever changing world of employee benefits, one thing remains the insurance, also referred to as medical insurance, is the top priority in any employee benefits offering. It is often the most significant consideration for prospective employees when comparing employment options between your company and your competition, and is therefore critical that the health insurance plan be designed and administered properly to attract and retain high quality employment candidates.


In addition to its significance as the most important employee benefit, health insurance also has the distinction of being the most expensive benefit an employer can offer. Whether you are a manufacturing company or a white collar business, health insurance is surely one of your top expenses. Expenses of this magnitude cannot be left to status quo, i.e. doing what you have always done. Additionally, following the direction and intention of the supplier or vendor of these benefits can limit your options for controlling these costs. It is recommended that an outside, informed third-party review your employee benefit package as a means of determining if you are getting the best value for the resources in both financial and human capital invested, while meeting other organizational requirements. Managing these expenses may mean taking an objective look at your plan design whether "fully insured" or "self-funded", your plan utilization, and alternatives for potentially segregating component expenses among different suppliers and vendors.


At Alliance Insurance Group we recognize the fact that health insurance in Alabama, as well as much of the Southeastern U. S. is dominated by the Blue Cross Blue Shield associations, yet while having a tradition of prompt claims handling capability, not all “Blue Plans” are alike. Our goal is to make sure that the health plan your company implements is right for your situation in all respects.


Our process at Alliance Insurance Group is to work with you and your team within the parameters of your size, your financial situation, your constituent employee base and other organizational factors to craft a health insurance plan that is complete and sustainable through changing market conditions, while delivering more than first year savings alone. Your health plan should also work to complement the other employee benefits you offer. As rates have continued to climb we have seen far too many employers sacrifice reasonable deductibles and copays, as well as cut back on offering other ancillary benefits, to stave off the increasing costs of providing quality healthcare.


Our pledge to our clients is to develop an employee benefits program that is unique to your needs and desires. This begins with candid, open communication with regard to what is working, what is working well, and what is not working at all, in your current employee benefits program. By paying close attention to the overall health plan design, its utilization, employer and employee contributions, and the affects the plan has on other offerings our benefits consultants can make your health insurance plan the best it has ever been.


If you would like to learn more about designing and managing your health insurance plan, call our office and ask to speak to one of our Employee Benefit Consultants.