Health Data Analytics

Deciding Your Best Course of Action...

Decision making with regard to employee benefits is now more important than ever due to increasing governmental regulation, as well as escalating costs. Having the right information from which to draw conclusions and create strategies is where our data analytics services will benefit you and your team.


Controlling health costs, measuring performance and assessing risk all start with data analytics. Our comprehensive Data Analytics Solutions give employers the advanced analytical tools needed to take a comprehensive view of employee benefits. Integrated analyses and reporting components allow for trending, benchmarking to national standards and drill-down by diagnosis, procedure or provider.


The key to controlling health care costs is knowing where your benefit dollars are being spent. Our comprehensive claims and benefits analysis service allows the comparison of health plan performance against national norms and alerts employers of major claims triggers. The ability to analyze claim data to determine health plan utilization and cost is provided in online reporting that brings together health care provider, procedure and diagnosis data transforming it into actionable management information helping you to understand, predict and lower benefits costs.


Available reports include...

♦ Claim Analysis Overview

♦ Stop Loss Trigger Report

  ♦ Shock Claim Summary ♦ Key Utilization Indicators
  ♦ Normative Comparison Summary ♦ Preventable Conditions
  ♦ Medical Cost Distribution ♦ Cost Summary by Employee
  ...and several others .


See for yourself how having the right information assists in the development of benefits strategy and design, mitigates risks, and in general makes benefits administration easier. Call today!