On-site Health Clinics

Minimize Lost Productivity in a way Employees appreciate...

As employers continually seek new ways to control costs and improve productivity, a growing trend...in particular within the manufacturing and healthcare sectors is on-site health clinics. Not every employer is suited to such a specific benefit offering, but for larger groups of between 100 to 5,000 employees, who are concerned about lost employee productivity due to illness or injury, the benefits can be significant.


Consider for a moment how employee absenteeism effects your bottom line. Missing manpower slows production and increases costs, as someone else may need to serve in the missing employee's absence. Potentially worse than the employee who does not come to work at all, is the lost productivity of an employee who is working while ill or injured. Presenteeism, as it is often referred to, not only slows production but subjects the employer to the increased risk of additional injury resulting in costly workers' compensation claims. In both cases, having established an on-site clinic with Alliance Insurance Group can save both time and money.


For the typical visit to an urgent care center an employee spends from 30 minutes to an hour behind the wheel, two to three hours or more waiting, only to be seen by a true medical professional for about 5 minutes, before having to drive to a pharmacy and wait another 15-30 minutes for a prescription to be filled before heading back to work or home. Easily half a day of productivity is lost in most cases. By comparison, with our on-site clinics "waiting" is virtually eliminated. Within 5-10 minutes your employee is seen by a physician or nurse practitioner, who can begin building a trusted relationship due to having more quality time with the employee, write a prescription which is dispensed on-site and have the employee on his way to better health in 30-45 minutes. Quality time and the building of a trusted relationship cannot be taken for granted or over-looked, as this produces "in-direct" healthcare savings for the employer as a result of employees' participation in weight loss or smoking cessation programs, fitness or nutrition programs, etc. "Direct" healthcare savings result from having lower utilization of the company health plan, fewer claims, typically resulting in lower renewal rates. Keep in mind, this is in conjunction with the increased productivity of a worker who has been approved to return to work, in less than an hour.


Our full service on-site clinics offer Primary Care, Acute Care, Pharmaceutical Dispensary, Immunizations, and Sports Physicals, in addition to Wellness programs, to include Weight Management, Hypertension (blood pressure) Management, Stress Management, Nutrition Counseling, Exercise Adherence Assistance and Smoking Cessation.


Talk to us about the benefits of offering your employees their own on-site/near-site Health Clinic. One quick call is all it takes!