Voluntary Benefits

Give more without spending more

Employee benefits that are not funded by the company; however, are payroll deducted from employees’ paychecks are considered Voluntary Benefits. Just because the employer doesn’t pay for them doesn’t mean they are not of equal or greater value to employees, and the overall benefit package than employer paid products.


You can have the best, most expensive health insurance plan offered, but when you are injured or experience an extended sickness, health insurance plans only pay medical claims...to the provider. What about employees? They may need more. Living paycheck to paycheck, having money available to pay the out of pocket expenses resulting from use of the health plan, as well as having money to meet other daily living expenses such as mortgage or rent, child care expenses and even putting food on the table is what "Voluntary Benefits" can do.


Voluntary benefits such as Accident plans, Cancer Plans, Hospital Indemnity or Critical Illness policies pay money directly to the insured. This money can be used at the employee's discretion to pay for unreimbursed medical expenses, goods and services related to on-going treatment, or can function as supplemental income replacing income lost due to off-job injuries or illness. It is widely known that workman's compensation claims frequently occur on Mondays...any wonder? If employees could be compensated for "off-job" injuries, workman's compensation claims could potentially be minimized.


At Alliance Insurance Group we have seen the need for voluntary benefits grow over the years and now is a great time to evaluate the advantages of offering these benefits in your organization. In every group there are as many different needs as there are employees. Voluntary benefits are a simple way to offer your employees additional protection specific to their needs and improve employee morale without direct cost to the company. Concerned about receiving multiple bills from multiple carriers? Talk with one of our Benefits Counselors about our "Single Invoice" options. Call today!


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