Stoploss Coverage

   Reduced risk...realizable rewards

Many larger employer groups have a partially or totally self-funded medical plan.   For these groups, having adequate protection against potential high dollar large claimants is essential.  Our team of Benefit Consultants are well versed on the various types of Stop Loss products a company may need to mitigate their risks.


Our team will work with the employer to determine the appropriate level of risk to assume and provide protection for any excess risk above that level.  Pricing/cost is generally the biggest factor in purchasing Stop Loss Reinsurance however other factors should also be considered such as: appropriate level of risk, deductible structure, carrier reputation and claim paying ability, etc.


Our team will help you to determine the coverage that best fits your goals.  We are experienced in providing traditional methods of Stop Loss as well as advanced and progressive types of policies.  Our experience includes but is not limited to:


-Specific Coverage

-Aggregate Coverage

-Aggregating Specific Corridor

-Split Level Reimbursements

-Experience Reward Features

-Stop Loss Captive


Please contact our office to be directed to a Benefits Consultant that can explore your company’s needs for this coverage.