Alliance Enrollment Services

Meeting the Individual Needs of each Employee...

Alliance Insurance Group Enrollment Services are as unique as your business, and can involve several different methods for achieving the same basic result of communicating what benefits are offered, educating employees of the features and advantages of each benefit relative to their individual tolerance for risk, and enrolling the employee in the desired benefit.


Enrollment Services; however, are far greater in scope than the description above and involve several steps both prior to actually making that first contact with an employee, as well as after the employee has authorized their coverage.


We take pride in building a long-term relationship with our clients and understand that to deliver on our promise, we need to fully understand not only our client's desired outcome for their enrollment, but any potential situations which could impede our progress along the way. Each client group is unique and our approach is to spend more time up-front than what is typical of our competitors, or of our industry in general. Steps all successful enrollments require are clear goals and expectations, contingencies for unforeseen circumstances, and post-enrollment follow-up and follow through.


Clients may wish to have pre-enrollment materials distributed to employees, to include collateral and quotes or "group presentation meetings" with questions & answers either during the meeting or afterwards. Clients may have their own internal election forms on which our Benefit Counselors will facilitate enrollment, or require only a spreadsheet of deductions following the enrollment. We have delivered it all, and we can deliver for you.  


We have the capability to enroll "one-on-one" using either a paper-based enrollment booklet method which is well suited to less tech savvy employees, or with automated laptop, e-signature authorization for employees comfortable with technology, but who still prefer personal interaction. Enrollment can be quick and efficient with either method. For diverse locations we can provide "call center" enrollment capability and are partnered with the industries' leading and most innovative Benefits Administration Systems which can provide our larger client companies comprehensive benefits administration and enrollment, with on-going analyses during and after Open Enrollment allowing self-serve enrollment of new hires autonomously.


We have our own full time staff of qualified Benefit Counselors available nationally, for around the clock enrollments, who will verify and correct employee data, communicate the value of the benefits you offer, and ensure that all enrollment and post-enrollment processes are completed as expected, allowing quicker implementation with vendors and carriers. Call us and establish a timeline for your next enrollment.