Disability Insurance

   Protect your paycheck...and bottom line.

Disability insurance, referred to in the insurance industry as "paycheck insurance", is a very popular employee benefit because it provides for both the employee, who is the beneficiary of a pre-defined amount of income while being unable to work, and also the employer, due to its ability to help attract and retain quality employees for the organization and fund temporary employment assistance for key employees lost to injury or illness.


Disability insurance is insurance which provides benefits in the event that you become sick or injured and cannot do your job, or any job for which you may be qualified depending upon specific policy definitions. Coverage can be sold as an individual policy or in a group setting through an employer to accommodate both short-term and long-term absences from work.


Short Term Disability


Short-term disability coverage provides benefits over shorter periods which can range from 3 months to 24 months, though more commonly among employers 3 months to 1 year. Plans can be flexible with regard to the benefit amount paid, how long the benefit is paid, and how soon benefits are paid following a disabling event. Additionally, Short-term disability plans quite often coordinate with other employee benefits such as Long-Term Disability coverage in an employment/group setting, or with other Short-term or governmental plans. Premiums for such plans can vary considerably making it all the more important you are not paying for more benefits than you will likely receive. Let our Employee Benefit Counselors customize a plan to meet your individual or group's needs.


Long Term Disability


Long-term disability plans are also quite flexible, but provide income for longer periods of time away from work due to a disabling injury or illness. Plans range from 90 days up to Social Security Normal Retirement Age (SSNRA), though in a group setting are commonly 90 days to 5 years. Employers often contribute to a group Long-term disability plan as a way of rewarding loyalty and longevity of employment, while Short-term plans have increasingly become more voluntary and funded fully by employees.


Executive Disability


Your business relies upon each and every employee being productive and meeting the needs of your customers. Individual disability protects the income of your employees should they become disabled; however, what about the lost productivity of your business? Who can take the place of you or one of your key people in the event of disability? While this is a question only you and your team can answer, we can help you with "how" you will be able to temporarily replace yourself or other key managers, executives in your business. Executive Disability protects the livelihood of business critical individuals and provides income to the business so suitable replacements can be made. There are several ways these plans can be designed and the expert advice we can provide, just may keep you from going out of business.



Consider this...we all have insurance for our homes, our cars and our health...why not our paycheck? After all, if something happens to prevent us from earning an income, will we be able to meet on-going living or operating expenses, such as mortgage or rent, vehicle and other loans, pay for any other insurance, or even put food on the table? A customized individual or group plan for Short-term or Long-term disability or both, is a quick phone call away.