Alliance Consulting Services

Understanding your Objectives...

It goes without saying that any broker with whom you partner must have a basic understanding of what you want to accomplish with your employee benefits program. As would be typical of any decision (business or personal) with any degree of financial impact, getting the "most"...for the "least" cost is all to often a primary goal. Defining those two terms, with regard to Employee Benefits; however, can be challenging within the business world due to routinely conflicting goals between departments or perhaps even worse yet...having no specific goals at all. Our experience has shown that "leaving well enough alone", is not well enough.


If you are looking for an employee benefits partner experienced with fully insured or self-funded plans, the cost-saving strategies of "carve-outs", successfully negotiating rates and rate guarantees, and the confidence to improve one or more aspects of your benefits package, then we need to talk.


If you are comfortable with your insurance products and their carriers, but feel a bit overwhelmed by the commitment in time and manpower required to administer and manage them, we can help. The Employee Benefit Consultants at Alliance Insurance Group can work with your company to manage all your different benefit products and make them work better together. We can provide an authoritative, industry insider opinion from outside your organization to assist in your carrier relations...affording you more bargaining power.


With over 120 years of experience in the industry we have several consultants with experience working directly for some of the more popular vendors in our area.


We can provide a variety of services including but not limited to:


♦ Strategic Planning


♦ Financial Analyses


♦ Actuarial Services


♦ Renewal Evaluation and Development


♦ Vendor Selection


♦ Account Services


♦ Implementation Planning


♦ Predictive Modeling ♦ Pharmacy Benefit Management Evaluation

Allow us to get your Employee Benefits plans in alliance with your overall business strategies. Call to schedule an appointment.