Healthcare Reform Compliance

Time to Act and Avoid Costly Penalties!

Healthcare Reform Compliance under the Affordable Care Act is an on-going challenge creating increased liability and exposure to risks.  Employers of all sizes need a trusted benefits advisor to develop and monitor a strategy for reform compliance.


In keeping with the practice of Total Risk Management, we offer a scope of compliance services for Healthcare Reform. Our professionals are trained and certified to personally provide our clients with the knowledge and information they need to effectively comply with the laws governing benefit plans and to avoid costly fees and penalties. 



Review the Benefits of our Services

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Our Services Include:

♦ Liability Assessment


♦ Guided Response to ACA Requirements


♦ ACA Tracking for Measurement and Reporting Requirements


♦ Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Management


♦ Required Written Notices Direction


♦ Timely Newsletters and Relevant Articles Distribution



♦ Employee Communications Guidance and Delivery


♦ DOL Audit Documentation Supervision


♦ On-Line Human Resources Library


♦ Reporting Requirement Direction


♦ Compliance “Desk” Access



At Alliance Insurance Group, we use our internal expertise as well as our external partnerships to continually provide policies and practical solutions for the biggest healthcare challenges employers have ever faced.  We take pride in partnering with our clients to provide the much needed relief in complying with the numerous communications, reporting and documentation requirements of the DOL, IRS and HHS.  Let our expertise guide you through the maze of Healthcare Reform compliance. Call us today!