Benefits Administration Systems

Engage, educate, and enroll employees...automatically!

There are several methods for communicating and enrolling benefits and Alliance Insurance Group can facilitate your group's enrollment with any of them; however, if you're looking for a comprehensive, flexible platform that can adapt to your needs and provide exhaustive reporting then you should call us to review one or more of the top Benefits Administration Systems we offer our clients.


There are many reasons why some of our larger clients have chosen, or are considering choosing, a Benefits Administration System. Even smaller companies now have access to many of these capabilities through Alliance Enroll™ our own "co-branded" HUMAN RESOURCES EMPOWERMENT platform, powered by Employee Navigator. Benefits Administration Systems are more specialized than HRIS systems (Human Resource Information Systems) and are designed specifically to allow staff HR personnel to securely manage "all" employee benefit plans and participants from a single platform. Such systems are also typically much more flexible and affordable as compared to HRIS systems, yet no less comprehensive or capable... allowing you to administer "your" complex or time-consuming benefits administration processes "your way", without the restrictive system limitations imposed of more complex and expensive HRIS systems. Additionally, most Benefits Administration systems are both "scalable", as your needs evolve and "sync-able", integrating with many third-party applications or insurance carriers electronically.


Benefits Administration Systems save time throughout the entire benefits administration process and free HR staff to focus on other duties. Whether on-boarding new employees, who can autonomously review the employee benefits offered, read and download electronic documents like Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), outlines of coverage, or provider directories, to actually self-enroll in the benefits they generating required notices for terminated employees or dependents who have aged out of coverage...and everything in between. Your Annual "Open Enrollment" of employee benefits can be much smoother and more complete due to participant information being accurate and up to date. Employees are encouraged to routinely review their coverage and contact information facilitating changes "on demand" and minimizing lost or misdirected company mail. Additionally, since these systems automate many functions, "errors" are minimized as well, simplifying benefits management.


By far...the greatest appreciation shown by HR personnel of those clients implementing a Benefits Administration System is for the plethora of reporting and analysis options available, making benefits administration and regulatory compliance both understandable and easy. Although the "paperless" office may remain to some extent only a myth, the electronic enrollment, monitoring and maintenance of electronic records, and electronic reporting will save money for those companies implementing a Benefits Administration System through Alliance Insurance Group.Login link for Alliance Enroll Subscribers


We have partnered with multiple, leading Benefits Administration Systems in the marketplace and are extremely excited to make available, Alliance Enroll™, a system that can be tailored to the needs of both large and small organizations.


Give us a call to schedule a time convenient to you for a review of capabilities and costs.